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On Friday we had the pleasure to speak to Jake Abel and Max Irons, stars of the new movie The Host! The Host was originally a book written by Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, but is a bit more sci-fi and less romantic vampires. The movie comes out March 29th and from the sneak peek we got, it looks incredible! We asked Max and Jake a few questions about the movie and Hollywood in general, and here are their answers!

If you could be the Host in someone else’s body that is living today who would it be?
Max: J-Ja
Jake: Max Irons, There beat you to it, can’t say me now.
Max: I wasn’t gonna say Jake! I was gonna say Jay-Z, I don’t know why, he’s cool I like him, we’ve got no one like him in England.
Jake: Uhh Blue Ivy, you’d make a good dad. I’d either grow up and be super talented or super useless because my expectations are so high. Think about it, you ever think about it? That kid has got a lot…

Did you act out the characters as they were in the book or did you put your own spin on them?
Max: I read the book before, what I think is best to do is to take what you want and what helps you from the book and then the script becomes your bible. You’ve all kinda got to be on the same page because there were scenes and there were characters and moments that were lost, and scenes and moments and characters that were kept and focused on. So I think the script has to be your thing.
Jake: I think Andrew Niccol (the director of the movie), I think he sort of took the strongest points, of each person and boiled them down. In the end I think the movie is a bit stronger, which I like. But still as sensitive.

Was it a hard industry to get into when you started acting?
Jake: Yeah the cards are always stacked against you and it’s funny you work for your SAG card, which allows you to do essentially credible work. Uhh to get a SAG card you have to do work, but to get work you have to have a SAG card. So you really everyone’s different, you really have to MacGyver your way into it. And once you’re in, you still have to work your ass off because it’s an accessible industry now, there’s a lot of people doing it, there’s a lot of young guys that look exactly like us doing it and you have to be better than them every single day. And sometimes it doesn’t matter, you know. Like if Max and I are auditioning for something it does not matter….
Max: I mean I’ve had too tall, too skinny.
Jake: Yeah
Max: Yeah but it’s highly competitive, and as you said you have to be on top of things because you know there’s an army of kids ready to take your spot at any moment.

What drew you both to the film? Was it the sci-fi or drama elements?
Jake: It wasn’t so much sorta what it was, as far as genre goes. I know for me it’s always the script and the filmmaker. That’s always my start-off point, if those things entice me then it only helps that someone like Stephanie Meyer as successful as she is, and as sweet as she is sweetens the pot. When Saoirse Ronan is attached, I will always say yes, and I’ve been wanting to work with Andrew Niccol for some time.
Max: For me it was kinda the survival aspect, I think that becomes Jared’s focus and you know what even Jared and Melanie’s relationship is romantic from a third person point of view but from his point of view it’s really not. You know he’s lost a girl, she’s come back, he’s lost her in a completely unimaginable way and it’s a real struggle, and I thought, that’s an interesting problem to play for a character. And I really couldn’t think of any other film or book in which there’s been that problem. Where the physical form of the person you love is in front of you but you can’t touch them, you can’t hold them, you can’t love them, you can’t talk to them in the way you did. I thought that would be an agonizing thing, consequently a nice thing for an actor to get to do.

If you could play any other character in the movie who would it be and why?
Max: I’d play Kyle because he gets to go ape-shit all the time. I think that’d be fun.
Jake: I’d play Jeb because I’d want to know what it’s like to be William Hurt, with a big bushy beard, and a big gut, and a giant brain. Or Doc, man he was a cool mother fucker. You come out and he’s just like, “Hi y’all how are you? I’m good I’m excited to do a scene today.”

What do you think is the most powerful scene that conveys the message of the whole movie?
Jake: I guess for me it’s a scene I was in the first date scene between Wanda and Ian, where he takes her outside for the first time. Because that’s where they have the conversation about “You wouldn’t love me, you would squash me.” and I say “You don’t know that.” And lay a big kiss on her.
Max: I think the moment where Brandt, I don’t think it’s the most significant to the plot, but the moment where Brandt and Aaron, in the truck where they get caught by the Seekers, and they decide to make the choice not to be taken but to kill themselves.

Why should people see the movie, according to you?
Max: There’s a bit of something for everyone, there’s explosions, there’s kissing
Jake: Kissing in the rain!
Max: There’s fighting!
Jake: There’s fighting, there’s explosions, there’s chrome..
Max: There’s dancing!
Jake: There’s chrome helicopters…
Max: There’s sexy moments!
Jake: There’s sexy moments which are also dirty because we live in a cave! There’s danger!
Max: Jake Abel
Jake: Max Irons… The Host, March 29th

Hope you enjoyed our interview with Max and Jake! Make sure you go see The Host on March 29th! Have another star you want us to interview? Drop us a tweet @HitZoneOnline!

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