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Interview with ET Online

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By ETONLINE STAFF March 17, 2013
Twilight writer Stephenie Meyer is gearing up for the film adaptation of her sci-fi novel The Host, and she sat down with ET to address the inevitable comparisons that will be drawn between the two projects.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Meyer admitted when questioned about her feelings surrounding the high expectations of the film, based on the success of Twilight. “On the one hand this movie wouldn’t have been made without [Twilight], so obviously that’s a really good thing. But with all the Twilight positivity that is out there, there’s an equal — if not greater — share of negativity.”
The film follows star-crossed lovers (Saoirse Ronan and Max Irons) struggling to survive in a world overcome by invading alien “souls.”

Irons expressed similar sentiments concerning the inordinate press that they will encounter.
“It’s great to have a built-in fan base,” said Irons. “But I do truly believe that this is a very different film.”

“I think it’s a little more complex — this story — than Twilight,” Diane Kruger agreed. “If one third of the fans of Twilight show up, that would be great.”

As the movie also features a love triangle, involving Ronan, Irons and Jake Abel, there were a few steamy love scenes in the movie. Ronan opened up about the dynamic between her and her male co-stars on set.

“I think always with that first take it’s a bit awkward and you’re a bit nervous,” Ronan admitted. “But then you just get over it, because you know you have to do it.”
The Host opens March 29.

-Source: ETOnline.com

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