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The Host Movie News Interview

Warning: There are major spoilers in this video, so if you would like to be kept in the dark about what happens in the film, who Pet is, and what happens in the book, please come back to this video after you have seen the film.

Max Irons and Jake Abel have been the highlight of many interviews in the past month. They have a good time and are not afraid to make fun of themselves. Our interview with them on Saturday morning was no different.

The guys talked about a few mishaps from the reception the previous night, the bonding of Jake and Boyd (Ian and Kyle) playing brothers off screen since little of it made it on-screen, Max learning an American accent, Jake switching from Wanderer in Melanie’s body to Wanderer in Pet’s body, character development, favorite scene to film, Max’s phobia of butterflies/moths, the friendship of the actors off screen, Jake’s mixture of good and bad characters, Jake’s next project coming out (Percy Jackson) and a previous one (Supernatural), Max’s Bieber knowledge, a scene that was left out of the final film, Jake’s tattoo, what Jake and Max have from the set, Max’s relationship with Chandler off camera, and how the new actress picks up Saoirse’s mannerisms to continue the character of Wanda.

There are a couple spots where the video goes out (very briefly) but the audio still plays, so you can still here the guys’ answers and the questions. The audio also echos a little at the end, but not to the point where it interferes with the questions and responses.

-Source: TheHostMovieNews.com

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